WSARE Presentation

For whoever has missed Dr. Kim's info session on Western Grants can download the presentation here (PDF, ~3.1MB). For more information on this opportunity. contact Dr. Jang Ho Kim at 237-6845 or, or visit Western SARE's homepage.

Tilapia Feed Recipe and general information on protein contents:


(Graphics © The Fishfarm)

2014 CariPac Summer Internship Program

Download Apllication Package

4-H 2014 Summer Camp

Download Registration Form


Landgrant Document


Agricultural Development Training

Downlad the Manual (PDF, 7.5mb)


Sample Agreements for Agricultural Cooperatives

Courtesy of Kim Coontz and Luis Sierra, California Center for Cooperative Development.

Mendota Marketing Agreement (.doc, 116kb)

BUCRA Member Package (PDF, 370kb)

Marketing Agreement (.doc, 40kb)

Marketing Agreement (PDF, 405kb)

Meat Goat Membership Operation Agreement (.doc, 32kb)

Membership Agreement - California Abalone Marketing Association (.doc, 78kb)

Sunsweet Marketing Agreement (.doc, 20kb)

Please feel free to use these sample for starting up your own cooperative.


NMC-CREES Recipebook

Find delicious recipes for healthy food that are easy on the wallet.

CNMI Crop Calendar

To download a printable version, please click here (62MB).

This file is meant to be printed in 11x17 inches (tabloid), but can easily be scaled down to letter or legal size within Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF viewer.

2011 Annual Report of Accomplishments and Results

NMC-CREES annual report to USDA NIFA.

Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program

Download an overview as Power Point™ or PDF file.

Rota Slaughterhouse

Presentation on Rota Slaughterhouse by Lawerence Duponcheel

Rota Community Kitchen

Presentation on Rota Community Kitchen by Dr. Jang Ho Kim.

Embracing the coming Blue Revolution in the Blue Continent

Presentation held by Program Leader Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Michael Ogo during the 31st General Assembly of the Association of Pacific Island Legislatures on Saipan, June 21. (32MB)

Medicinal Plants for Livestock Healthcare in the Western Pacific

This book is the result of four years of reasearch throghout the Pacific. Whoever deals with animals should download this book to learn more on how to treat common livestock diseases with herbal medicines.

Funding of this project was through a Western SARE Professional Developer Grant

2009 Northern Marianas College Combined Research and Extension Annual Report of Accomplishments and Results

NMC-CREES' yearly report on accomplishments and results.

Papaya Brochure

Papaya is a staple fruit for the CNMI. It is healthy and easy to grow. For further information contact NMC-CREES Crop Improvement Program @ 234-5498, ext. 1725.

Dragon Fruit Brochure

Dragon Fruit is a tasty and healthy tropical fruit with a very high market potential. The brochure gives basic information on the feed and care of this plant. For further information contact NMC-CREES Plant Pathologist Dr. Dilip Nandwani 234-5498, ext. 1725.

CNMI Animal Health Survey

The Animal Health Survey was conducted by NMC-CREES Livestock Scientist Dr. Allan Sabaldica. Funding for the project was provided by USDA via a Hatch Grant (#2008-2010-31100) and ADAP.

 CNMI Aquaculture Development Plan 2011-2015

Public law 15–43, which became effective on January 14, 2007, mandated NMC-CREES to be the lead authority in aquaculture development for CNMI. Section 4, subsection 102 of the Act stipulates that the
Northern Marianas College – Cooperative Research Extension and Education Service (NMC-CREES) shall establish a Commonwealth Aquaculture Development Plan and that the plan shall include building
and operating an aquaculture facility in the Commonwealth. This directive has resulted in the following aquaculture plan, which was formulated from the results of over 100 consultations in CNMI.

The plan is based on input from a broad range of individuals, including current and potential farmers, state and college resource and extension personnel, lawmakers, and private-sector business people. Most of the information was gathered during three, one-day workshops, held in May 2010, on the islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota. Individual consultations were also held with key personnel from the Northern Marianas
College and the Department of Land and Natural Resources, and with private sector representatives.

CNMI Livestock Survey

To study the feasibility of a slaughterhouse in Saipan, the Northern Marianas College-Cooperative Research Extension and Education Services (NMC-CREES) is conducting a head count of cattle, swine and goats. You can fill out this form conveniently on your computer and print it out.

The filled in forms can be delivered to the NMC-CREES office in Building F on the NMC campus, or can be picked up by Extension Agents. Forms should be received by NMC-CREES latest on February 18. This survey will us to help you better. For further information on this survey feel free to contact Mr. Claus Bier at 285-2335 or email him

Food Preservatives

Presentation of food preservatives

Food Safety

Presentation of Food Safety

Home Canning

Presentation on Home Canning


Presentation on Pickling

Sweet Potato Weevil Management

NMC-CREES Publication

Food Preservation Basics

Presentation on the fundamentals of Food Preservation

WSARE Featuring Pacific

Western Sustainable Agriculture publishes its quarterly newsletter featuring events around the Western Region.  This document gives a sense of what types of agriculture you will find in the Pacific. 

Powerpoint on WSARE in Pacific

This document features the projects that are happening around the Pacific.

Kimchi Recipe

How to make Kimchi, a Korean delicatesse

Banana in the CNMI

Banana varieties in the CNMI. How to plant and care for banana. Banana pests.

OOCC Symposium Registration

Attached you will find the Registration Package for the Open Ocean Cage Culture Symposium. The last page is our registration form. You can fill in this form conveniently on your computer. To fill in the data, you will need Adobe Reader®. The latest version of the Reader can downloaded by clicking on this link.Please print out and fax the completed form to:

NMC-CREES c/o Mark Flores at (670) 234-0054
by December 22, 2010

Rodent Control

Rodenticide Handling Information

Betelnut Bud Rot Disease


Sweet Potato

What you always wanted to know about Sweet Potato.

Taro in the CNMI

Knowledgebase on CNMI's taro varieties.

Neem Extract

How to make an environmentally friendly pesticide on the cheap at home

Rodent Pests

The attached PDF is a presentation given during the Pest Identification Workshop held on Saipan on October 27, 2010

Nematode Pests

The attached PDF is a presentation given during the Pest Identification Workshop held on Saipan on October 27, 2010

Plant Pathology Basics

The attached PDF is a presentation given during the Pest Identification Workshop held on Saipan on October 27, 2010

Insect Basics

The attached PDF is a presentation given during the Pest Identification Workshop held on Saipan on October 27, 2010

Cuban Slugs

The attached PDF is a presentation given during the Pest Identification Workshop held on Saipan on October 27, 2010

Coconut Jam Presentation

Coconut Jam Making